WEBINAR: Balancing Relocation During COVID19

REA recently hosted a WEBINAR Session for current clients in the midst of relocation during COVID-19 as a forum for clients to connect during these unsettling times!  From the frustration of a move put on hold due to a country’s lockdown, to virtual mortgage signing and concerns about physically moving in the upcoming week, it was comforting for all participants to know that they were not alone.
Strategies for staying engaged were shared including LinkedIn connectivity (perhaps now is the time to try LI premium for free?), setting daily goals for being productive, and ways to compartmentalize to balance the tugs on our time from family, job search efforts and restorative “me” time.  The session revealed options for remaining in touch with existing networks and paths to seeking new relationships.  Participants heard the value in offering knowledge to a younger generation (check out www.careervillage.org) and exploring new horizons through online courses, free youtube classes, and virtual touring places of interest.
REA offered practical tips and resources for clients to consider implementing to help them cope with this “business as unusual” time period.