Networking for Colorful Results

 by Emma Wheat 


Pauline is a stylist, color and image consultant who runs a successful business in the Netherlands. She was relocating to Dubai on a part-time basis to spend time with her husband who had already settled into his new job.

Client Objective/Challenge

Pauline was excited at being in Dubai and had visited several times while her husband was settling into permanent housing there. She did not want to relocate on a full-time basis to Dubai because of her successful business in the Netherlands. She envisioned spending up to half her time in Dubai where she hoped to advance her business and build up a clientele.

REA Approach

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in Dubai, so creating momentum for expanding her client base in a short period of time was important. The REA consultant arranged a gathering of her friends, colleagues and other ladies who would be interested in Pauline‘s stylist services and hosted a networking morning at her house to showcase Pauline‘s talents. The people invited to the networking morning were specifically targeted from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures for their connections on a wider scale. This event was just a first level introduction and clear expectations were set at the beginning of the event.


Pauline was able to expand her client base almost instantly. As a result of this small networking morning, she received an invitation to the Dutch Business Council event, was asked to present at a shop owner‘s summer collection launch, booked a number of private workshops and made some new friends in the process. Pauline still travels regularly between Dubai and the Netherlands, and is able to arrange her events ahead of time. She continues to successfully build a wide base of clients.