Healing Hands in Singapore

By Julianne Franke


Susan is an accomplished operating room nurse with 25 years of experience in general surgery within the specialties of orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, neurology, and urology. She is originally from Missouri, USA, and will relocate soon to Singapore.


During the initial teleconference, Susan expressed a strong interest in furthering her career as an operating room nurse and in targeting established, private hospitals for employment in Singapore. She also outlined other personal and non‐working interests and plans.


To help Susan prepare for her relocation to Singapore, Edmund, the local REA coach, contacted Susan by email to set up a teleconference and introduce her to the REA Spousal Career and Transition Assistance program. Her coach explained in detail the support that he would provide, and discussed life and transition issues to facilitate successful assimilation into the new country.

When Susan and her husband arrived in Singapore for their orientation visit, the coach scheduled a face‐to‐face meeting to establish rapport and provide an overview of the program. The initial face‐to‐face meeting was a very positive experience for both Susan and her husband, an expatriate on assignment as a general manager for a new, large facility in Singapore. The coach was very supportive and the couple appreciated the REA “macro” approach, identifying both career support as well as life enrichment and non‐working goals. They were especially interested in the “Life Preference Roadmap” and the various career options that Edmund identified for Susan during the meeting. The employee’s comments for this first meeting were, “…I’m very glad I came today.”

During this initial face‐to‐face meeting, Susan’s career coach also shared targeted research materials on how to obtain a nursing license in Singapore. Based on Edmund’s knowledge of the local regulations, he speculated that she should not have much difficulty registering as a nurse in the new location as long as her nursing qualifications and experience were accredited in her previous position. To verify this information, Edmund identified a local contact who is a registered nurse and put Susan in touch with her. Through this local contact, Susan learned more about the process of registering as a nurse and “kick‐started” her networking efforts.


When she returned to Missouri, the coach kept in contact with Susan by emailing her information about resources in Singapore and forwarding her newspaper articles featuring the nursing industry.

Following a short break during Christmas and the New Year when she was busy with holiday plans and relocation logistics, Edmund engaged Susan again to assess her progress in completing the nurse registration process and to offer his help. Through email communications, Susan’s coach worked closely with her to help her obtain the necessary documents and coordinate the consolidation and transmittal of paperwork to ensure that everything got to the appropriate authorities. Edmund also provided valuable information about guidelines from the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).

Recently, Susan and her coach spoke via teleconference and updated the program participant action plan. As Susan nears her relocation date, the REA coach is working closely with her to develop her marketing materials, CV and cover letters. He is aware of her preferences in potential employers and is providing targeted job leads to keep her updated regarding potential job opportunities in Singa