A Job in Record Time

By Erin Suess


Jessica is a paralegal who relocated from Pennsylvania to Naperville, Illinois. She was excited about pursuing a job in Illinois and was able to conduct her search while she worked in Pennsylvania.


Although Jessica was enthusiastic about the job search, she was a bit nervous about moving to a location she had not yet visited and was concerned about locating some personal resources. She also had a concern regarding her resume and initially was unsure if a two-page resume was appropriate for her situation.


The consultant addressed Jessica’s concern about being in a new location immediately and was able to connect with her contacts in Naperville to provide appropriate referrals to Jessica. Jessica was extremely thankful for the recommendations, especially the list of doctors. She also appreciated the information her consultant provided about the layout of Naperville—Jessica was unaware of how big the town was and happy to learn that workout facilities and doctors’ offices in the neighboring town may actually be closer to where she would be living.

In approaching the issue of Jessica’s resume, her consultant educated Jessica on resumes and wrote up two different versions, which pleased Jessica because she was given a choice.

After her move to Naperville, Jessica secured an interview with a law firm fairly quickly and wanted to review some interviewing strategies. The consultant briefed Jessica on interview preparation and even researched and reviewed typical interview questions posed to paralegals.

Jessica’s main concern was her lack of knowledge about the branch of law practiced in the firm where she was interviewing. Her consultant took the time to work with Jessica on developing an appropriate response to this area of concern, and also spent a considerable amount of time helping Jessica identify specific accomplishments from her previous position. Jessica then felt prepared going into the interview—knowing how to describe her many accomplishments, address her potential employer’s concern, and take the focus off her lack of knowledge in the firm’s law specialty.


Following the interview, Jessica was offered the job rather quickly. However, the salary that was offered was lower than she had anticipated. Once again, Jessica turned to her consultant who provided guidance on salary negotiation. The REA consultant helped Jessica articulate her value and worth, reviewed some initial research on salaries commensurate with her position and geographical location, and gave suggestions about negotiating beyond dollars. Her consultant suggested that Jessica write up a few statements before contacting the employer so that she would remember key points during the negotiation. The company ended up increasing their initial salary offer and Jessica happily accepted the position.

Jessica expressed her sincere gratitude for all the guidance and support she received from her consultant, and was thrilled to get started in her new position only two weeks after relocating!