Recommended Reading

Intercultural Education – Cultural Etiquette and Insight, How to do Business in over 60 countries

**When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Nations, by Richard D. Lewis

**Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway and George A. Borden, PhD.

Supporting Families in Transition – Support and Resources for Globally Mobile Family Members of All Ages

**Culture Shock! by Robin Pascoe – successful living abroad, a parent’s guide

**Home Away from Home by Beverly D. Roman – turning your international relocation into a lifetime enhancement

**Footsteps Around the World  by Beverly D. Roman – relocation tips for teens

**Third Culture Kids by David C. Pollack and Ruth E. Van Reken – the experience of growing up among worlds

**The League of Super Movers, by Beverly D. Roman – book on relocating for young children

**When Abroad – do as the local children do by Hilly van Swol-Ulbrich and Bettina Kaltenhauser – Orr- a  guide for young expats

** Hello USA! by Judy Priven – everyday living for international residents and visitors

Supporting Expatriate and Repatriate Spouses/Partners

**A Career in Your Suitcase, Third Edition by Jo Parfitt – everything you need to know for a career on the move

**A Moveable Marriage by Robin Pascoe – relocate your relationship without breaking it

**Homeward Bound by Robin Pascoe – a spouse’s guide to repatriation