Get Ready!

get-ready-dayToday is National Get Ready Day.

If you are in the middle of a relocation, you may be living this phrase on a daily basis, but today, “Get ready!” has special meaning.  It’s part of National Preparedness Month, and a day designated to encourage everyone to review your family’s emergency preparedness plan.

There are special implications for recently relocated families, especially those who have moved from an area prone to, say, hurricanes, to one that experiences earthquakes or tornadoes.

Here are a few conversation starters for a family discussion:

  • If there were a fire or flood at home, does everyone know how to evacuate safely?
  • What do you do in the event of an… earthquake? Tornado? Hurricane? Snow storm?  Other natural disasters common to your geographic region?  What are special safety issues inherent to each?
  • What local resources do you have to get additional information about what’s happening? (Do they work if the power is out?  What are some alternatives?)
  • If the emergency occurs when family members aren’t together, what are your communication protocols? Do young children know your phone number and address? Have you identified an alternate place to meet if your home is not an option?
  • What should you have in an emergency kit for your family? (Don’t forget your pets!)  Where should you keep it?
  • What should you keep in your automobile(s) for emergencies?
  • Are all of your important documents in a central location where they can be accessed easily? Do you have redundant copies of these in a safe deposit box somewhere?

Undoubtedly, these questions will invite others with the desired goal of ensuring your family’s safety during emergencies.  Once you have your plan in place, conduct a drill regularly to ensure your family knows what to do.
pinterest-logoCheck out REA’s Pinterest Board for Emergency Preparedness, which has resources to help your family create an emergency plan.