Employer Solutions

As an employer, you are always working to retain your best employees, build on their strengths, and increase the value that they bring to your company. Doing so often requires assistance with employee development and career transition.

REA provides that assistance for a client base that encompasses both small and large businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise in Talent Mobility Support, Talent Development and Workforce Reduction distinguishes us in the industry.

At the center of our services are your company’s needs. Whether you need to relocate an employee within the United States or globally, we’re here to serve you and to make the process as smooth as possible for the transitioning  employee and their family.

 To assure that your employees can meet the ever-changing demands of your business, it is often helpful to provide them training on new skills, coaching on their evolving roles and assistance in the management of their careers. We do all of this and more to help you invest in your most valuable asset – your talent.  Our services also address the unique requirements of executives and senior level professionals who are further developing their competencies or expanding their role in the organization.

And when it is time to implement difficult changes—either reducing your workforce by a small number of employees or through a major downsizing—REA is your partner.