Networking Support

Research indicates that fewer than one in five jobs are filled through  job boards or public job postings. This means that more than four out of five jobs are filled through word-of-mouth and referrals from company insiders. Tapping into what is referred to as the “hidden job market” will greatly increase your chances of landing the job you want. We work with you to establish targeted networking strategies for your job search and guide you in using your time effectively to meet others who may be able to further your job search. This includes in-person networking, involvement in professional associations, and online networking. Many people, even those already on LinkedIn, do not know how to leverage its features and connections to progress their search for a new position.

We can help.

“Even though I’ve heard that networking is the way most people get jobs, I’m really not comfortable begging people to help me.  However, my coach helped me to see networking in a different light – more of an informational exchange – and showed me practical strategies for making it less painful.

We strengthened my online identity and I’m actually getting calls from recruiters who are finding me on LinkedIn.  I’ve made some great contacts through REA’s LinkedIn Group too.”    

– Lesley R.