Global Relocation and Repatriation Assistance

Decision Assistance

We offer customized research, resources and telecoaching designed to assist you and your family in making an informed decision prior to accepting an international assignment or permanent international move.

Career Assistance and Transition Support for Expatriate Partners

For those making an international or intra-country move, we offer customized coaching, research and resources designed to help your accompanying partner acclimate to the host country and area. We identify activities to promote entry into the new culture and explore options for making the most of their time on assignment. For those interested in evaluating employment opportunities, conducting an executive search or exploring career enhancement alternatives (e.g., partners who may not want to or be able to work due to visa restrictions), we can provide practical guidance and coaching on job searching in the local market as well as the pursuit of education, training, volunteer opportunities or other forms of career development. Services are delivered via telecoaching and, where feasible, face-to-face meetings.

Repatriation/Re-Integration Assistance

This service for employees and/or families returning to their home country can be customized to address the needs of both the repatriating employee and/or the accompanying spouse or partner.

Studies have shown that the transition for repatriates can be even more stressful than living on assignment. For dual career couples returning to their home location, we offer customized coaching, research and resources designed to help you successfully transition to your new work environment, and/or assist your working partner in exploring re-employment options or career enhancement alternatives. You are also offered reverse culture shock support to smooth the process of re-adapting to your daily activities and work culture. Each participant has access to a state-of-the-art virtual career resource center. Services are delivered via telecoaching, and, where feasible, face-to-face meetings.

Expat Coaching

Whether you are on a short-term or long-term assignment, our Expat Coaching provides the professional guidance and targeted resources to help you face the inevitable challenges that accompany an international assignment. Difficulties in adapting to local work culture and understanding business protocol can be barriers to a confident and productive assimilation. REA’s Career Coach in the destination location begins preparing you while you are still in the home country, and continues support through the first two months of your new assignment to ensure a smooth transition into the new work environment and host country. We also provide critical repatriation coaching and support in preparation for your successful reintegration into your home country.

Group Move Assistance

We offer extensive experience in addressing the acclimation and career assistance needs of families involved in domestic and international corporate group moves. The transition assistance and spouse/partner career assistance services are further enhanced by customized websites and workshops offered to participants in the origination and destination areas.