Customized Research

Each individual receives a personalized, interactive online plan with specific information and customized links for all aspects of their job search. This can include topics such as licensing/certification requirements, in-depth industry and company profiles for targeted employers, salary information, upcoming job fairs, job leads, and personal contacts wherever possible. It may also reference appropriate social media and potential networking opportunities (online and in person), acclimation resources, and a comprehensive action plan to help you accomplish your goals and objectives. This dynamic tool includes links to REA’s new virtual job search guides, relevant websites, and REA’s proprietary online resources to direct you to additional targeted information as needed.

“After only two weeks, I received an extensive research package from my coach to guide me through my job search.  I was so impressed! It had everything I needed to get started.  Between this and my excellent CV, I believe that I have a leg up on my competition and am confident that I’ll be successful once I relocate and begin my job search.”    

– Sean C.