Case Studies

A Job in Record Time   by Erin Seuss

Jessica is a paralegal who relocated from Pennsylvania to Naperville, Illinois. She was excited about pursuing a job in Illinois and was able to conduct her search while she worked in Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more.

A Change in Plans Success Story   by Joanna Chmura

Maria moved from Western Europe to Eastern Europe with her husband and their dog. In her home country, she worked full-time in the jewelry industry, and although she decided that her stay in Eastern Europe would be her sabbatical, she stays in touch with her former employer and does a bit of work for him once a week. Click here to learn more.

Healing Hands in Singapore   by Julianne Franke

Susan is an accomplished operating room nurse with 25 years of experience in general surgery within the specialties of orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, neurology, and urology. She is originally from Missouri, USA, and will relocate soon to Singapore. Click here to learn more.

Dealing with Complexities   by Heidi Ravis

Jane and her husband, both Chinese expatriates, met and married while studying at a midwestern university. After both completed advanced degrees, Jane’s husband was hired by a large New York company and the couple planned to relocate to Westchester County, north of New York City. She enrolled in the Expanded Career Program at REA for assistance with her job search. Click here to learn more.

Connecting Quickly   by Danielle Dayries

Claudia is a professional with a background in both university support services and hospital office coordination who recently relocated to Birmingham, Alabama. Click here to learn more.

A B.I.G. Success Story   by Heidi Ravis

Anna is a PhD engineer who was born in Russia and educated in Moscow and Germany. She began working with her REA consultant after relocating to the Westchester County, New York area from Providence, Rhode Island. In Providence, she had worked as an adjunct lecturer at a university, and was hoping to find work in engineering or academia in her new location. Because she already had a green card, she would not need to obtain an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) or sponsorship in order to work. As a highly educated and accomplished professional who spoke three languages, she was optimistic about her chances of finding employment. Click here to learn more.

Networking for Colorful Results   by Emma Wheat

Pauline is a stylist, color and image consultant who runs a successful business in the Netherlands. She was relocating to Dubai on a part-time basis to spend time with her husband who had already settled into his new job. Click here to learn more.