Books By REA Coaches

The following is a list of books written by REA and our coaches worldwide.

Amy Reece Connelly has co-authored a book titled A Job Search Manual for Counselors and Counselor Educators: How to Navigate and Promote Your Counseling Career, published by ACA. It is available on or through the ACA website.

Maureen Steele has written a book called 52 Brilliant Communication Tips.

Communication is a dimension of almost everything we do and having great communication skills is a key ingredient for success. This book is a guide to excellence in communication. Practical and easy to read, it is designed to enable the reader to dip in and out at their own pace and test out the advice contained in the tips.

The book is available on Amazon and from The Training Box website.

Lori Howard has written an ebook, Unearth Your Worth™: Beat burnout and find a job and career you love! The book is accompanied by the Companion Unearth Your Worth™ Workbook.

You can have a job and career you love, and you can have it now, not years or decades from now.

This book will walk you through a 3-stage process and goes beyond ordinary assessments so that you can:

Unearth your unique set of strengths and skills wired into you from birth;
Imagine the career in which you can truly thrive; and
Create a practical plan of action to fulfill your career dreams now.

Unearth your worth as you do the exercises in the companion workbook as you read the book.

It is available for purchase on her website.

Cynthia Kivland, BCC, MCC, has written several career coaching and communications books.

Smart2Smarter: Seven Smarter Emotions Every Employer Wants and Every Employer Needs

In Smart2Smarter, learn to coach yourself and others to develop the seven SMARTER leadership traits to bring your social and emotional humanity into the workplace. Challenge negative thoughts, demonstrate empathy, stop tolerating people or habits that derail your greatness and build resilience. Based on international research, career counselors, leaders, business schools, coaches and consultants have found this book invaluable. Cynthia Kivland shares her research and wisdom in a practical format that provides the knowledge, tools and actions needed to thrive-not just survive-in the global workplace.

Tolerant Communication Handbook

The material in this handbook will help you to understand tolerant communication -from both sides of the desk. Tolerant communication is a process in which each person intentionally interacts on a social and emotional level with their head and their heart! What does it look like to communicate in a tolerant manner? By reading and practicing the activities in this handbook, you will gain tools and skills to communicate in a more tolerant and smarter fashion, whether to individuals and groups or via spoken communications, written communications, and even electronic communications.

Career Health Inventory

Maintaining your career health is similar to maintaining your physical health. Much like the regular preparation and conditioning athletes use to achieve in their sport, career health includes regular conditioning, practice and learning to evolve and achieve performance, career and lifestyle goals. A healthy career lifestyle establishes behavior habits and a mindset of continuous evolution that requires the intelligent use of your emotional, physical and social self. This tool provides a career health check- up, along with development activities to further condition your strengths and develop latent career health muscles.

Workplace Engagement Values and Personal Best Zone Assessment and Guides

Two assessments and development guides that provide insight and action plans to understand your workplace engagement values and the degree of passion and performance currently in your present job to “be your potential”.

Gina Crittenden has contributed a chapter called “The Power of Reinvention” in a book called Mastering the Art of Success written in collaboration with well-known authors Les Brown, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

It is available for purchase Amazon.

Linda SchnabelGet to the Point Books is pleased to announce the release of Linda’s new digital book, “Launching Your New Job.”  This interactive book uses the acronym LAUNCH to outline six important strategies that will help employees shine during the first 90 days of a newly acquired role. Linda’s book is available through Get to the Point Books (