Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G.) is a support, education and networking organization for women in transition who are looking to connect in their local community, and helps those who are seeking personal and/or professional fulfillment.  Members have access to local networking resources in a face-to-face environment via monthly meetings, organized events and through a web-based national

REA has established an affiliation with B.I.G. to offer unique networking opportunities in select areas of the U.S. For more information about B.I.G., visit www.believeinspiregrow.comcommunity.

“I am very shy and do not like networking.  I know it is important when you are looking for a job, but I’m not comfortable doing it.  My coach encouraged me to go to a local B.I.G. meeting and she went with me.  To my surprise, it was actually fun and I met some amazing women who have become friends.

I have learned a lot about my community and have made some great connections.  I continue to attend these meetings monthly and actually enjoy networking now!”    

– Barbara G