REA supports Move for Hunger

By Marie Haraburda, GCDF, Career Coach


Twelve teams, including one team represented in part by REA staff with Gina Crittenden, Career Coach and Patti Cucci, Marketing & Business Development and her family and friends, participated in a Truck Pull to benefit Move for Hunger in the Charlotte, North Carolina, metro area on November 16. The event was hosted by The Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council at the Lenny Boy Brewery. REA also donated a $100 Visa Gift Card to the Raffle, won by Jana Smith of Cartus.  A fun time was had by all!


Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization that mobilizes the relocation industry to fight hunger and reduce food waste. When people move, they throw away a lot of items.  Unfortunately, some of what is thrown away is perfectly good food that could be given to a family in need. Move for Hunger works with relocation professionals, like the Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council to rescue this food during the move and deliver it to local food banks. Move for Hunger also organizes hundreds of food drives each year. To date, the organization has delivered more than 14 million pounds of food to food banks across the United States and Canada.


The truck pull has raised $11,921 at this writing out of a $20,000 goal. If you’ve never been to a truck pull, teams of five to ten people compete to see which team can pull a moving truck 100 feet in the fastest time. Although Patti and Gina’s team placed 11 out of 12, they reported having a “Grand Time” while raising money for a wonderful cause!


Here are steps recommended by Move for Hunger you can take to fight hunger in your area.


  • Talk to your children and loved ones about the 40 million Americans who are not able to put enough food on the table, and the importance of helping others.
  • Organize a Move for Hunger food drive in your community.
  • Moving? Hire a socially conscious mover from the Move for Hunger network, who will deliver your food donations to a local food bank.
  • Consider a donation today to help Move for Hunger fight hunger and food waste in our communities by visiting


Have a Heart

Introduction by Lorraine Bello, CEO & President:

In 2019, we live and work in a culture that is driven by technology. We get our news, share experiences and communicate with each other through devices. We convey messages in images and short video clips.  We communicate in short, efficient phrases and even acronyms (gtg – got to go, brb – be right back, ily – I love you). We multitask. And, we skim.

The art of listening, engaging and responding with genuine interest too often gets lost in this new landscape.

Empathy is a key value for REA. It defines us and differentiates us from competitors. Our ability to actively listen and seek to understand helps us to offer unique employer, employee and family relocation solutions and enables us to deliver outstanding experiences and outcomes for our clients and families in transition around the world.

REA strives to demonstrate empathy and care in all of our relationships – with our service partners, companies, clients, and with each other throughout the organization.  Of course, our talented, compassionate career coaches practice this daily with genuine enthusiasm as they care deeply about the individuals and families they serve. We know this because their clients tell us time and time again.  Here is an article from one such coach, Marie Haraburda.

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Need a Brexit Visa?’s what you need to know, now!

By Marie Haraburda

On February 19th, REA Coach Jutta Konig participated in a Roundtable discussion sponsored by the Permits Foundation, which is a non-profit organization in The Hague committed to improving work permit regulations for accompanying partners of expatriates around the world. The meeting was hosted by Deloitte at the Brussels airport where Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner, Global Government Strategies and Compliance, discussed the upcoming March 29 European Union (EU) Brexit decision in the United Kingdom (UK) and potential outcomes on immigration policies

Tips for those seeking Visas in the UK

  • With this crucial decision coming, it is recommended that those headed to the United Kingdom do so before the March 29 deadline to avoid potential complications with immigration applications.
  • Those already in the United Kingdom should encourage family members to file for documented immigration status as soon as possible, before the March 29 decision.

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‘Tis the Season!

Tips for making the most of the Job-Search during the Holiday Season.

by Marie Haraburda, Global Career Coach

With December being a festive* month: Should job-seekers take a break from the job search?

It’s a myth that employers stop recruiting in December. Many recruiters have vacancies to fill before the end of the year to avert budget cuts. So while some job seekers lighten up on the search, this opens up more opportunities for those who continue looking. Whether seekers lighten up the search or forge ahead is up to each person. Here are some ways for seekers to include job search activities into their enjoyment of the holidays.

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