Mentors: Their Role in International Relocation

The following article is featured in the July 2015 issue of BR Anchor Publishing’s Monthly News.  Co-authored by BR Anchor’s founder, Beverly Roman, and REA Manager, Mary S. Roberts, it provides insight into using mentoring during international relocation.

International relocation, always a challenge, has an even higher priority now in terms of realizing success for employees, as well as the company’s bottom line. Before employees make a commitment to move abroad, they and their employers need to evaluate the short and long-term career prospects. Employees should have a clear understanding of their overseas assignments, as well as what their jobs will be upon repatriation. Expats also need to stay “tuned in” and connected to their home offices. One of the most effective means to do this is to arrange for expats to have a mentor. This relationship can be mutually beneficial as the mentor stands to gain an overall wider perspective on global organizational needs and activities.

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Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

Not everyone gets a j-o-b with a Fortune 500 Company.  At REA, we recognize that many of our clients are more interested in working for a startup organization, or maybe even starting their own.  If you fall into that category, here are some resources to help you…well, start up:



The homepage listed here seems to be a launchpad for launches.  Startup jobs, investment opportunities, and news on trending startups are here, and there are search fields to find both startups and startup jobs.  (You have to create an account and profile, and it links with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.)


Crazy About Startups

Here is a resource for new startups, including opportunities for funding, success stories, research, and input from professionals.  Worth checking out.



So…This is written in Millennial Language, and if you don’t understand terms like “Twitter” and “Tinder,” “crowdsourcing,” or “leaderboards” you may be a little lost, but the “under 35 crowd” may totally get it.  (And, like any foreign language, if you read for context, you may be able to catch up, too.)  Searchable by Industry and Icon, and has a running list of blog posts.



NextPlex claims to have “the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any local event or meetup site around.”  It appears to be a digital launch site for innovation, creativity and high-tech ventures.  Currently covers 15 tech-heavy areas in the U.S. with about half on the east coast, plus Houston, Charlotte, Colorado Springs, Louisville, Cleveland and Phoenix.



For entrepreneurs: This is a directory of directories for startup organizations whose tagline is “where to submit your startup to get more traffic & press.”  Registration for a startup costs $75 payable by credit card or PayPal.


Recommended Books:

 7-Day Startup$100 Startup Startup Owner's Manual Startup Playbook Lean Startup Purple Cow Zero One


Articles with additional recommendations: