Social Responsibility

We are solidly committed to social and environmental responsibility—key values that are communicated and shared by our global partners and coaches around the world. We have consistently donated personal and financial resources to assist many relief efforts in the United States and worldwide in response to natural disasters and the ongoing medical, physical, and educational needs of the world’s population.

From an environmental standpoint we have significantly reduced paper use and continue working on achieving a completely paperless operation. Conscious of recycling and with most of our coaches and staff around the world practicing telecommuting, we are proud to be actively contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint around the globe. 

Environmentally Friendly

  • 99% paperless service delivery and cloud technology processes
  • Telecommuting by majority of coaches and staff thereby reducing carbon footprint
  • Recycling and waste conscious


  • Contribute financial resources to assist many disaster relief efforts worldwide
  • Donate career support services:
    • —  9/11 affected families
    • —  Wounded Warrior Foundation
    • —  Special needs and disabled individuals
    • —  Job Clubs for unemployed
    • —  Local organizations