Mission, Vision & Values


REA’s commitment as a true Partner in Transition is to help organizations with their talent management goals, getting the best talent when and where they need it, supporting families in transition, and making a positive difference in each and every life we touch.


REA aspires to be the most trusted and sought after Partner in Transition for corporations, employees, families and strategic partners worldwide.


  • Using a very customized, personalized approach with each client/customer – one size does not fit all.
  • Delivering consistently high quality outcomes any place in the world. Service satisfaction is our number one goal.
  • Always being responsive, flexible and sensitive to our clients/customers changing needs.
  • Demonstrating resourcefulness and creativity in developing solutions to our clients’ challenges.
  • Treating every employee/coach/client/customer with trust, respect and dignity.
  • Honoring the diversity of people.
  • Creating an environment of continuous learning and growth, building on the depth and breadth of our expertise.
  • Encouraging and initiating collaboration throughout our organization.
  • Having integrity and being loyal and committed in all of our relationships.