Coach Credentials

Our coaches have extensive education, certifications and experience in areas including career consulting, coaching, organizational development and human resources. They focus continually on their professional development and stay abreast of issues and changes in the global mobility industry. Many are authors, professional speakers, columnists, leaders in professional associations, and frequent presenters on career transition and relocation counseling topics.

Our professional coach network offers expertise in areas encompassing executive development, entrepreneurship, change and stress management, and life coaching. All of our coaches are trained to address the unique family pressures and transition issues associated with relocation—including dealing with children’s adjustments, managing life changes, coping with parental aging, and adapting to different countries and cultures.

It is key that our coaches remain well-connected in their communities and stay current with trends in their local economies and job markets. The majority of our international coaches are former expatriates who have firsthand experience both living and working abroad, so they can easily empathize and identify with the challenges of global transitions. Over 70% of our international coaches are bilingual or multilingual.