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Have a Heart

Introduction by Lorraine Bello, CEO & President:

In 2019, we live and work in a culture that is driven by technology. We get our news, share experiences and communicate with each other through devices. We convey messages in images and short video clips.  We communicate in short, efficient phrases and even acronyms (gtg – got to go, brb – be right back, ily – I love you). We multitask. And, we skim.

The art of listening, engaging and responding with genuine interest too often gets lost in this new landscape.

Empathy is a key value for REA. It defines us and differentiates us from competitors. Our ability to actively listen and seek to understand helps us to offer unique employer, employee and family relocation solutions and enables us to deliver outstanding experiences and outcomes for our clients and families in transition around the world.

REA strives to demonstrate empathy and care in all of our relationships – with our service partners, companies, clients, and with each other throughout the organization.  Of course, our talented, compassionate career coaches practice this daily with genuine enthusiasm as they care deeply about the individuals and families they serve. We know this because their clients tell us time and time again.  Here is an article from one such coach, Marie Haraburda.

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