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5 Qualities of Successful Job Seekers

5 Qualities of Successful Job Seekers

Job seekers today need more than just a good resume. Competition for jobs is very high for many professions and the ideal candidate must do more than just meet the job requirements. Employers are looking for the total package. Here are some traits of successful job seekers that can give you that competitive edge:

1. Resourcefulness – Show that you are a problem solver. Demonstrate how you will find answers even when you may not know the answer. Employers want people who can figure things out.

2. Flexibility – Be open to new environments, situations, projects, etc. Employers are doing more with less, and the more you are open to doing, the better.

3. Creativity – Employers want to hear and see new ideas. Very seldom do they look for someone who just accepts the status quo. Be willing to share ideas that show your innovative spirit.

4. Positive Attitude-Showing enthusiasm can be contagious. It is much easier to work with someone who keeps things positive. Focus on what you can accomplish and find ways to combat the naysayers.

5. Confidence – Employers want people who are capable and confident, but not to the point where arrogance takes over. Be assertive, but also be mindful of others.